Update On My Novel

Today is Sunday August 18th, 2013 and I have just reached 6,262 words! I have been taking my time, and just writing a little each day. Some days I will write 600 words and other days I only manage to get a few hundred words down. I realize it is not race, but it is fun to keep track of my progress. My story and characters are really starting to develop and I am constantly coming up with new ideas.

In addition to writing my novel, I have been reading “Stephen King | On Writing A Memoir of the Craft”. The book is an insight into his life and how he evolved into a writer. I don’t really ever remember reading any of his novels (as I don’t care for horror novels) but I have found his book to be very informative and funny. I will update you on my progress in a few days.

I have Decided to Write My First Novel!

I have been working on a novel in my head (and a little on paper) for over two years.  Today, August 1, 2013, will be the official start of my first novel!  I have done some research, but still have much to learn about this process.  Along the way, I will be documenting my journey and (hopefully) sharing some of what I learn.  This seems like a monumental challenge but something that I need to complete.  Wish me luck and any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!


David Landen